An Interesting Story….or is it?

Some bloggers blog for money
But all bloggers blog for popularity!

Isn’t that absolutely true? So how does one gauge the popularity of a blog? When I started blogging about a year or so ago, opening up my blog for comments was something that I did not do. It was pretty much a one-way traffic kind of thing, but then I revisited the idea and it occurred to me that blogging is not in the same vein as keeping a conventional diary. Where a diary totally prohibits comments, much less prying eyes, blogging is just the opposite. Because a blog is open for all the world to see, we bloggers are a proud bunch of people, and we totally live on blog popularity.

A blog’s popularity is not solely judged by the number of links in from other blogs, although that is one of the factors that is taken into consideration. Popular blogs are those that generate tons of comments, often from loyal readers or from thought-provoking posts. But then, do we crave for just mere comments or comments that add value to the integrity of the blog? I, for one, would like to know if a post I have taken the effort to churn out really made a difference in someone’s life. Or in fact, if it is at all interesting to my readers. Because when it comes to the crux of it, what good is a blog if it is just plain dreary, right?

So I was in for a treat when I discovered this really cool blog post ranking system called the ThoofRank. This ranking system is implemented by Thoof, which is a site that I feel was created with the everyday website user in mind. Upon registration, which by the way is free of charge, I get access to personalized news and articles submitted by other bloggers and users worldwide. With this ThoofRank system, I am able to now gauge how popular or interesting my post is in comparison to other posts of a similar topic. The ThoofRank is a measurement in percentage that shows how interesting a story is relative to other stories that have been submitted. So a ThoofRank of x% means that that particular story is in the x% bracket in terms of interest. You’ll want your story to be at least 50% to be above average in terms of interest! With this amazing ThoofRank badge, I can now have a surefire way to tell how interesting my post is. And for good posts, I can also proudly display the ThoofRank badge for a particular post on my blog, just for bragging rights! 🙂 It’s definitely bound to make my blog popular!

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  1. rinnah says:

    And I still have no idea how to use Thoof! LOL! But I do like to comment that I love reading your blog and that it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside each time I drop by. *hugs!*

    The Giddy Tiger says: Awwww… that means a lot to me! Hugsssss……back!

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