Reality telly rodeo riding

Reality television is really taking over the airwaves now. We have so many different genres of programs, ranging from action and adventure like The Contender and The Amazing Race, boardroom drama like The Apprentice, romance-driven ones like The Bachelor and even somewhat amusing ones like Beauty and the Geek. Malaysians are also banking on the reality television bandwagon now. I enjoyed watching Project Runway (the Malaysian edition) and also music programs like One in a Million. Yesterday there was a cheesy one that ended with the phrase, “You’re not what women want.”, obviously directed at the person who was eliminated from the show. Ha. Bet it wasn’t that funny for the person who got the axe.

The point is, in a way, programs such as these bring the world into our living rooms. And it certainly doesn’t hurt when for example we see gorgeous model wannabes posing with dangerous bulls, trying their best to look as sexy as possible, and at the same time, trying not to get killed. Yes, I saw that on America’s Next Top Model once. I wonder if that was the the closest the models had ever been with bulls. They probably would feel more at ease had they purchased National Rodeo Finals tickets before – I hear bull riding is one of the many events featured now. I am now also wondering if the NFR will be featured as a reality television series…now that would be awesome!

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