Of HD and Cables

I just received a promotional mailer from our cable TV provider last week, promoting their all-new HD package.  And although, we currently do not have any intention of upgrading, the mailer certainly makes the upgrade package very attractive indeed.

Well, first of all, we have yet to upgrade our television to a flat-screen one yet, but hubby was hinting on this, stating that the upgrade to a flat-screen would be better for the kids.  With the remarkably affordable price of a flat-screen TV nowadays, it certainly sounds like a very good idea.

I wonder if a reliable HDMI cable will be included with a new flat-screen TV.  After all, we would certainly not want to waste our time fixing a worn out cable, knowing how precious time is.  Well, in addition, I do know that it had better include a good network adapter too!  That way, we will definitely get our full entertainment value’s worth!

That being said, IF we do get a new flat-screen TV, I’m almost certain hubby will want to upgrade our cable  TV subscription to allow HD programs to be viewed.  I am not sure if the cable TV company in Malaysia we subscribe to provides a special cable for this purpose, like Comcast Cable, but it sure would be an added advantage!

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  1. Allan says:

    Not sure abt you but HD in Malaysia still doesn’t look interesting to me yet….pricey too for so few channels.

    Some may argue that we should all be HD ready, but I would also ask is HD ready for us? 😀

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