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Years ago, when I was still undecided on what I wanted to be when I grew up, I toyed around with the idea of business administration.  Sure, it sounded mighty grand and intriguing, administrating a business of your own.  Well, eventually, I ended up in the science stream, where it was *not the norm* for science stream students to pursue business administration.  Science stream students ended up doing computer science, engineering, physics, chemistry and all that.

However, upon attaining the basic science-related degree, some graduates do opt to pursue a business course, more often than not, a Masters in Business Administration, or more fondly known as the MBA.  At the point of my graduation though, I did not have the urge to get an MBA.  But every now and then, I meet an acquaintance, an old school friend, an ex-varsity pal, a relative who has completed his/her MBA or is currently pursuing the MBA.  Sometimes I do ponder if this person is taking the MBA because of their own interests or due to pressure from society, or maybe it’s just because the title entitles the holder to that much more moolah in the payslip.

In any case, little did I know that even without the paper qualification of an MBA, I would be managing and administrating my own business now.  Solely relying on my own instincts and consumer business acumen, I believe that apart from paper qualification, excellent customer service is crucial in the process of successfully managing and administrating a business, and it’s something that no examination can teach.

That being said, nothing is ever 100% impossible.  Who knows, a few years down the line, I might find myself pursuing an MBA.  If or when that happens, I know for sure that before I do, I will want to pass my GMAT with flying colors.  The GMAT is the Graduate Management Admission Test, which is the main criteria for admission into graduate business administration courses primarily in America.  In Malaysia, there are GMAT classes available too, but if I had a choice I would choose to attend one of these Chicago gmat classes, mainly for their track record and experience, be it in-person or live online.

Until then, I’m content just managing the home, the kids, food and the works 🙂

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