Going Back in Time with Snow Cones

If I have not mentioned it before, I’ll say it now: I have an incredible weakness for snow cones. I remember when I was a youngster with only my bicycle as a means of transportation, my good friend and I would hunt down this man selling snow cones at his mobile stall. Truth be told, it was just shaved ice with some sweet sugary syrup poured on it. Cheap thrills as a cheap dessert if you ask me, but it was so good! Not a very healthy kind of dessert, but it was definitely thirst-quenching in our kind of scorching hot weather. We had to eat it really fast too, before it melted into a watery gooey mess before our eyes!

Things have certainly come a long way since then. I do not think that the snow cone man had a very hi-tech snow machine cone, hence hygiene becomes rather suspect, now that I think of it. However, with so many types of snow cone machines now available, people who are in this business will have endless choices on their hands with tons of products to view before they make their selections. Even the syrups used on the snow cones come in loads of flavors now, making it possible to make very pretty snow cones indeed. In addition, these snow cones will definitely be hygienic, and yummy to boot!

Here in Malaysia, where it is hot and humid almost all the time, in addition to snow cone machines, we see a lot of shaved ice machines, for making “ice kacang”, one of my favorite desserts of all time. It is also used for other ice-related desserts in this region, where the demand is definitely high.

Now, wouldn’t you say the snow cone machine would make an excellent accompaniment to my proverbial popcorn cart?

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