On the Home Stretch

Sometime last week or this week, I gracefully embarked on the final leg of my pregnancy journey with the start of the third trimester (at about 28 weeks along).  I started drinking the Third Trimester Tea yesterday: it tastes like a combination of chamomile and green tea.  Very relaxing indeed…and I love thinking how each sip strengthens the uterus more and more in preparation for birth.

I just had my second prenatal checkup several days ago.  Everything looks okay per doctor, and although I did notice a little bit of weight LOSS (!!), the doctor did not raise any alarm, so I guess it’s okay.  My blood test from the last visit did show that I was slightly anemic, so I had been on iron tablets in addition to my prenatal vitamins, and according to the doctor, I’ll have to take them right through pregnancy.

On the itchy front, things have thankfully calmed down a bit, although I do still suffer from the occasional uncomfortable feelings.  I’ve been using a variety of lotions and creams and oils to combat the itchiness, and so far the Vaseline one has worked wonders (especially after my QV lotion ran out).  My stretch oil (which I had relied on for my previous two pregnancies) shockingly did not work as well as it had last time.  I’ve laid off the oil for weeks now, but will try it again soon, even if only for perineum massage.

Baby has been kicking a lot and squirming around too, much like the other 2 siblings had last time.  Position is head down as of last check-up.

Also, as with the onstart of the third trimester, frequent visits to the bathroom and leg cramps have made their entrance in my life.  Boo.

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