Ain’t No Comfort Like the Humble Bread Pudding

My previous attempt at the milk loaf did turn out well, however I left the a few remaining slices out overnight and in the morning, I found out that they had turned rock hard.  Hmmph.

It could be because they had dried out somewhat.  I read that I should have stored bread in plastic bags tied up, but nevertheless, I decided to use the bread to make bread pudding.  I zapped the bread for about 15 seconds in the microwave, and they softened a little, so I cut them up into little chunks for the bread pudding.  It was my first try at the bread pudding, but hubby is a big fan, so I wasn’t too worried about leftovers 🙂

I used the bread pudding recipe from Joy of Baking, and it was surprisingly easy to make.  I did not remove the crusts from my bread though, and I added some cranberries for some added texture and color.

It tasted awesome served with some evaporated milk.  You could also eat it with whipped cream, or ice cream for that bit of indulgence.

I couldn’t get enough of the bread pudding and since I had a little bit of the sandwich loaf from a few days ago still sitting in my fridge, I decided to bake a second batch of the bread pudding.  This time, I threw in some chopped-up apple cubes as well.

Works great as an after-dinner dessert as well as a wholesome yummy breakfast! 🙂

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