Time is Speeding By: 35 Weeks Preggers

Can you believe I am now 35 weeks along?  At times, I really feel as though my skin is unable to stretch any further, and I am telling just about everyone that I waddle when I walk.  Not a pretty sight, I know.

On Your Marks, Get Set…..

In the past few weeks, I’d arranged for a tour of the Delivery and Birth Center at the hospital where I would be delivering our 3rd child. The tour was in the evening, so naturally Ethan and Hannah tagged along.  I also did the hospital pre-registration on that night itself, just so we don’t need to go through the registration process on the labor day itself.

I’m just about finished packing my labor bag, and am in the midst of laundering all the necessary items, like cloth diapers, napkins, baby clothes, nursing wear and the like.  Nesting instincts, much?

(Psstt…just finished my last load of cloth diapers today.  Will be tackling the folding later. :P)

I See Ya, Baby!

We had another ultrasound when I was at 34 weeks, and as usual Pete and I were delighted to be able to see our little baby once again.  We got a glimpse of the little feet and hands, and also quite a clear picture of the face. 🙂

The baby was in a transverse position at that point, although baby did move head down for a little while before moving back to the transverse position again.  The doctor said that it’s rather common for baby to be in transverse position (especially for the 3rd baby), since everything is more “stretched out”.  However, the baby will probably shift head-down in the coming weeks.

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I have another ultrasound scheduled when I am at 37 weeks, to check the position of the baby, and if necessary, manual intervention will be used to try and reposition the baby then.

Say My Name, Say My Name

After much hooha, we have more or less settled on an English name for the baby but the Chinese name portion is now giving us a headache.  We have a few in mind, but we’re still undecided on the meanings of each, and we’re getting help from some friends to aid us in our decision.

Cramping and Heartburning

Nightly cramps are still the norm, and heartburn has also made its presence known.  Not fun at all.

Squirming, Wiggling, Tossing and Turning

Baby seems more active at night, when the movements are very pronounced.  At times those Braxton-Hicks contractions are really uncomfortable!  I’m trying to sleep and rest as much as possible now (though it’s not 100% possible), in view of the sleepless and restless nights to come when baby arrives.

Domestic Goddess

Despite all of this, I am so proud of myself that last Saturday, I was still able to cook and entertain a party of 6-8 guests, all Pete’s friends from work!  I was especially pleased with the creamy chicken pie I made and the little cutesy cheesecakes!

Served them with fresh blueberries for that delicious tangy sweetish taste… 🙂

I still have some blueberries left in the refrigerator, so I might bake a second batch this weekend…we’ll see 🙂

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  1. littlelamb says:

    so not telling the gender? leaving us a surprise?

    The Giddy Tigress says: Yes, I love surprises and I love surprising people too!

  2. Take care and all the best! 🙂

    The Giddy Tigress says: Thank you! 😀

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