Food Waste Friday: A Clean Fridge – Let’s Hope It Stays This Way!

[stextbox id=”info”]Today (and hopefully every Friday), I’m joining The Frugal Girl and other bloggers out there in posting my food waste photos within the past week, calling it Food Waste Friday. It is hoped that by sharing pictures of the food I have wasted, it would motivate me to reduce wastage as much as possible. I will try my very best to participate each week, and hopefully there will be weeks where I will be able to happily report that there was 0% wastage! :)[/stextbox]

Let’s bring back Food Waste Friday now, shall we?  I’m aware that I have not been doing it for months but it’s never too late to restart our engines, right?

To be honest, I’ve thrown away many expired items from my fridge in the recent weeks and cleaned it out as much as I can.  Things do go bad when people don’t live in the house for months, y’know.

Anyway, this week, I’m super pleased to announce that there’s NO WASTE from my fridge on Friday fridge-cleaning day!  Here’s a glimpse of what my fridge looks like.  I hope that it either stays this way or that I will find other light-bulb organizing methods to make my fridge look fab!

I’ve started using containers to corral certain items that I find always mess up my fridge.  On the top shelf, I used a white plastic container to put the Yakult drink bottles.  It makes for easier access, especially for the kids.  Easier access means they drink it more often!  So win:win there. 🙂

I’d probably need a few more containers to organize the rest of the items soon.

On the second shelf, I started using those two green plastic containers: one for onions, garlic, ginger and other spices; and the other for fruits.  This might need a little tweaking later on, but it works for now.  I don’t know about you, but I find my onions, garlic and ginger last so much longer in the fridge than outside.  As for the fruits container, I might need to get something a little larger further down the road.  It doesn’t hold too many fruits, as you can see.

My bottom shelf holds some wine bottles and some juice bottles.  Yes, we do have a lot of wine bottles, most of them are unopened.  We actually bought some from Napa Valley more than ten years ago, and some were gifts from relatives and friends.  We’ve been waiting for that perfect occasion to open the bottles, but before that occasion came, I became pregnant with my first child.

Then it was breastfeeding…and because I breastfed for two years or more per child, and I am currently breastfeeding our third child, we never found that perfect time to open up those wine bottles.  Well, you do the math.

It should be a good 2 years more before those bottles get opened, I reckon.

I’m feeling good about my fridge now.  At least the lights can be seen and the fridge looks way brighter (I moved the stuff blocking the lights out of the way).

I like a cleaned out fridge on Fridays, especially the crisper section.  This allows me space to store my produce when I get them from the grocery store and market during the weekend.

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