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The Sound of Music

Yesterday night, while nursing Ethan to sleep, I managed to catch a bit of the SAG awards on the telly. That’s Screen Actors’ Guild awards to the uninitiated. Apart from the usual hooha of actors and actresses dressed to the … Continue reading

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Learning Mandarin at Home

I can’t believe I got hooked AGAIN. For years, I have been able to successfully avoid getting Chinese-serial-hooked and NOW it has happened again. And it’s not even the conventional Cantonese Wah Lai Toi serials I’m referring to. It all … Continue reading

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Helping Ourselves

We don’t have hired help. We ARE our own hired help. My hubby and I are not at all comfortable with having strangers in our house, much less going around the house cleaning every nook and cranny. I know I … Continue reading

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We Need More of These

Today as I was leaving my apartment for work, I witnessed a fellow apartment neighbor watering the plants in the common lobby area. Immediately after I ask my hubby “Why is she watering the plants?”, I kicked myself mentally. Why, … Continue reading

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After Baby’s Arrival…What Next?

One of the dilemmas faced by working parents is the task of looking for a reliable and trustworthy babysitter… someone to look after their precious one while they are bringing in the dough. My hubby and I are united in … Continue reading

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