The Sound of Music

Yesterday night, while nursing Ethan to sleep, I managed to catch a bit of the SAG awards on the telly. That’s Screen Actors’ Guild awards to the uninitiated. Apart from the usual hooha of actors and actresses dressed to the nines (hey, I love watching the awards for these too, mind you!), there was a honorable award presented to Julie Andrews. By the way, I must have been living in a cave all these years, cos I just found out that she is now DAME Julie Andrews.

Anyway, during the flashback of her accomplishments in life, I was reminded of how much I loved the famous musical she starred in, The Sound of Music, where she memorably portrayed Maria von Trapp. My Mom was the one who introduced me to this wonderful family musical, and eventually, I learnt all the songs in it by heart. Endearing songs, that will forever be remembered by generations to come.

About 2 years back, my parents and I went to see the broadway version of The Sound of Music, but it was still the original silver screen version which stood out more.

For me, Julie Andrews will forever be synonymous with The Sound of Music. What will my name be synonymous with in future?

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