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Dreaming about Prague

Being a born daydreamer, I am of course allowed to daydream.  And in one of my travel daydreams, I would be dramatically whisked away to the beautiful city of Prague in the Czech Republic.  Here is a city that is … Continue reading

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In all Randomness

When I am bored, my mind will wander. A happy wandering mind, is all I can say. Sometimes I think about life, sometimes I think about food, sometimes I think about what to write and sometimes I think about why … Continue reading

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Giddy over Dresses

It goes without saying that I love to dress up. I find every chance I can to just go get myself a new dress, new shoes and of course, who could forget a new handbag too! Who doesn’t want to … Continue reading

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The Face Behind The Blog

Being the ever so blur person I am, I was not even aware that I had been tagged. In fact, it was my hubby who informed me that I had been tagged by Miriguy. But anyway, this is a simple … Continue reading

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I Wanna be a…

not a Care Bear but a…. Yes….that’s right. That’s what I choose to be, if given the choice. And indeed I have been given a choice. It’s a no-brainer, really. Angeleyes and Everydayhealy have both asked me to choose if … Continue reading

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