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Stress plus Cheese equals?

It was the stress that drove me to it. My facial therapist commented that I have these really knotty stress knobs around the area between the base of my neck and my shoulders. The more stressed up someone is, the … Continue reading

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My burden-free shoulders

Photo credits  A few months ago, my hubby and I decided to pay off our housing loan, thus making our home completely 100% ours.  I can’t describe the feeling of jubilance we felt as we signed the relevant papers and … Continue reading

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Healthy sorta life for moi

My blogging life is eluding me.  Gone are the days when I can publish non-stop post after post of interesting topics, gripping even.  Now I have consigned myself to blogging when time permits.  Maybe it is the environment I face … Continue reading

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Mystical superhero fantasy

I missed getting tagged by her, but because she lately had a bout of NBTB, I was yet again given the honor by Rinnx! I’m really afraid she will use her telekinetic energy to move all my stuff away fast … Continue reading

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Instead of work, I want to

NOT work, of course!! Work, work, work and more work! Every single work day, my fingers meticulously create and reply emails with clockwork precision. Open email, read read read, then type out replies, think a little bit. Rephrase the email, … Continue reading

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