Mini little tubs of wonder

I got a package today from Body Bar.  It was a gift from entering one of the many giveaways from My Women Stuff a few weeks ago.

When I found out they were going to send me “a little something”, I didn’t know what it was, so I was an eager beaver today when I tore open the package.


Inside, I saw many many mini green tubs of Madara Regenerating Night Cream.  The note that accompanied by gift said that it was a whole month’s supply of this night cream!

I was thrilled!  Not only because I get to sample a new night cream, but because it was packed so adorably in small tubs that it would be perfect for packing in my cosmetics case while travelling…and THAT would definitely come in handy when we travel to Ipoh and Taiping for Christmas next week.

Thank you Body Bar!  I am definitely looking forward to softer, smoother and plumper skin! 🙂

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