Lil’ Hannah’s shortlisted!


A lovely surprise greeted me this morning when I visited the Mom Bloggers Planet blog.

Our little Hannah has been shortlisted as one of the 20 finalists for the Cutest Baby of the Planet Contest 2009!  Woohooo!!!!!

The organizer says that there will be some tasks to be performed next week, but I am not sure what yet.  Nevertheless, I am very proud of my little angel.

Please don’t pinch her cheeks, okay? 🙂

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8 Responses to Lil’ Hannah’s shortlisted!

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  2. mott says:

    YAY!! She is cute! Hope she wins!!!

  3. pelf says:

    OMG Joyce, Hannah looks like she was a photocopy version of you! 🙂

  4. pelf says:

    *please forgive my grammar* LOL. I didn’t mean that in the past tense, hahaha..

  5. health freak says:

    She is SO SO cute! I hope she wins.

  6. PB says:

    I’ll be rooting for her and with a tech savvy mom I’m sure she’ll ace her tasks 😀

  7. rinnah says:

    Yay for Hannah! I’m supporting her all the way for the win! 😀

  8. huisia says:

    congrats….she deserves it..
    and, i wanna pinch her cheeks lah 🙂

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