Why are they doing this to me?


I received this platinum credit card in the mail today, apparently an upgrade.  But I fail to understand why I am supposedly given this “privilege”.  It’s not like I need it.

It’s not like I’m spending millions or thousands of ringgit every month.

It’s not like I’m raking up a lot of interest too, since I pay my credit card bills in full every month.

So is the bank opening up a brand new market for SAHMs with platinum credit cards?

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5 Responses to Why are they doing this to me?

  1. Gallivanter says:

    Part of their marketing efforts to boost revenue for Citibank. Chances are, some people would take the offer, and subconsciously spend a lot more. Human nature 101. 🙂

  2. PB says:

    Haha i got same offer but no upgrade in credit limit so take it! At least I can use it to get into the lounge at the airport! 😉 Doesn’t change my spending habits one bit

  3. Bart says:

    Yesterday, I heard an interesting statement: We all go to the same church, and that church is Citibank :). It’s interesting that last weekend’s Gospel was about the Lord’s Prayer…

  4. Adino says:

    I think the platinum card of today is like the gold card of yesterday… they have probably lowered the ‘qualification’ to get more users on a higher credit limit, hoping that some of them will generate revenue for them!

  5. zmm says:

    Long standing customer perhaps.
    I have received 3 of such cards from Citibank… I never activated mine and they are still sending.

    The Giddy Tigress says: I guess they are just persistent eh?

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