Back to the Drawing Board

After about a month of enjoying our home without the presence of icky little lizards, we returned from our recent holidays in Genting Highlands to find out that those little creatures had returned!


I first spotted some lizard droppings, and the next day, I saw the little fella scurrying about the house.  It appeared to be quite active too, crawling around on the walls one minute, up the curtains the next and then across the floor following that.

Well, looks like the eggshell method was only a temporary stopgap measure…

I have since resorted to the another method recommended by my friend: use dried chillies.  I’m putting a couple of pieces of dried chillies on my kitchen counter, hoping that they will chase the lizards away.  I might place them on the floor soon too.  Let’s hope this works!

Sigh…anyone else have any other suggestions on how to get rid of lizards?

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