How I Rescued My Lipstick

A while ago, when I took out my Purse Pleaser to move it to another bag, I discovered, to my horror, that my lipstick was stuck in one of its compartments!  I don’t remember it shoving the lippie into that compartment, so I don’t know how I ended up with a stuck lippie.


Somehow, the lipstick was holding the little drawer in place too and that resulted in me unable to move any part of the Purse Pleaser.  Broke my heart to see my lipstick stuck there, and even more so because it’s one of my favorite Estee Lauder RED lipsticks.  I had put this problem aside for weeks because I couldn’t figure out how to get the lippie out, until yesterday, when I thought that enough is enough.

I tried dislodging it from the compartment.  It wouldn’t budge.  I could remove the cover, but that’s about it.  You can see the lipstick peeping out right there.  There wasn’t enough space for me to grip the lippie out too, and I feared I would accidentally smash and squash the lippie.


Then I suddenly had a brilliant idea (well, not *too* brilliant, if you’d read on…)

I decided to use a spoon to sort of pivot and yank out the lipstick slowly.  Actually I was looking for something with a grip and a long stick or bar-like structure, and the spoon just came to mind.  Probably because I had been cooking before that.


The spoon handle fit right into the space and I had to lightly push it under the lipstick and yank it out a little at a time.  Because the lipstick was really really stuck hard, I had to use brute force to push the spoon so that the lipstick would slowly move upwards.  You can see how the spoon is working really hard to release my lipstick.


Turned out this wasn’t such a good idea after all, because just as the lipstick was about halfway released, my hubby came back from work and remarked that the spoon I had been using was BENT!  Gosh.  I quickly removed the spoon and bent it back to its original shape.

In the end I decided to use my knife sharpener to complete the rescue mission.  Why didn’t I think of that before?


Anyway, my lippie’s free as a bird now and I’m just so happy I can use it again.  See how much lipstick would have been wasted if I had just thrown the whole thing away?


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