Skin Patch Test Update: Stickers Begone!!

After the ordeal of having to endure the incredibly itchy sticker patches on my back on Monday, I was really looking forward to Wednesday morning (today), when those patches would be removed.

I headed straight for the hospital after dropping off my kids in school and waited for my turn at the doc’s clinic.  I was ushered into the dressing room about 10 minutes later and the nurse began to peel off the stickers,…most of it anyway.  She left the numbered portions stuck to my skin, and cut off the part with the little round patches so that it would be easy to identify which patch was from which number.

Then I was asked to wait for a few more minutes before my name was called to go into the doctor’s office.

The doctor then took some readings from the patches on my back, and made scary remarks like, “Wow…you have quite a lot of allergic reactions!”

Among them, she told me it was clear that I was allergic to nickel and chromium, which were present in some costume jewelry and accessories.  She said I had to abstain from wearing bras with steel parts. (and errr…that means all my jewelry needs to be gold and platinum, yes?).  Another substance I was presumably allergic to was a preservative chemical present in most makeup products (didn’t quite get the chemical name from her verbally)…so do I need to stop wearing makeup?

Results after 48 hours also showed I am allergic to the dishwashing detergents I had brought in AND the rubber gloves I provided.  The doctor said, “I don’t even know what to do now, since you are allergic to both the detergent AND the rubber gloves!”

Also, true to my suspicion was my allergy to some ingredient in the two sunblock lotions I brought in.  I’m suspecting homosalate, as this ingredient is present in both the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock and the Australian Cancer Council Everyday Sunscreen.  The doctor recorded an “IR” (Irritant Reaction) for both of these substances.


Hubby will have no excuse about not using sunblock now that I have these *extra* ones to pass on to him. 🙂

The doctor then ordered a retest of 3 items, including a new test from the rubber gloves from the hospital, so I still have a little patch on my back now, with 3 little round stickers.   The rest of my back has scattered red rashes, some looking angrier than the rest.

My back is to remain as dry as possible till Friday (read: showering remains a chore), when my next appointment would be, and I would be provided a full report of my skin allergy patch test then.

The itch has subsided somewhat, which means I could be also allergic to the stickers used to stick the patch samples on.  SIGH…does anyone have a good method to remove the sticker/tape stains on skin?

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2 Responses to Skin Patch Test Update: Stickers Begone!!

  1. Kit says:

    I don’t wear costume jewelry ever since I had an allergic reaction from a silver necklace – awful looking reddish ring around my neck 😛

    By the way, check out Cosway’s dishwashing liquid. It’s the gentlest of all brands.

    Think you can still wear make-up. Just look out for hypoallergenic brands? Cheer up 😀

    The Giddy Tigress says: Eeep! I know what you mean about awful looking rashes on the neck area. Been there, done that…with the sunblock I used. Thanks for the rec on the Cosway dishwashing liquid. I did bring in the Cosway cream cleanser to test for allergy…will check with the doc’s report to see if I am allergic to that.

    Thanks for your concern, dear. 🙂

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