An eventful lunch

My hubby and I like to make it a point to have lunch together, especially on Fridays. Today was no exception. We made our way to Queensbay Mall and headed for Kenny Rogers restaurant, since based on previous experiences, this restaurant served good food and also had fast service.

Being frequent diners at the restaurant, we already knew what we wanted and motioned a waitress to take our orders. The usual quarter meals and drinks. Pete wanted a glass of warm water because he was still barred from iced water since he had his cough sometime back.

Waitress: We only have bottled water, sir
Pete: No, I don’t want bottled water. Just plain warm water for me will do.
Waitress: We don’t have warm water, just bottled water.
Pete: What?!! No warm water? But I’ve ordered warm water here before.
Waitress: We were told to inform customers that we only have bottled water now.
Pete: Why?
Waitress: I also donno why. That was what we were told.
Me: Can we speak to your manager? (hehe….always scares them right off)
Waitress: Hang on, let me check. (leaves the table)
Waitress (after a short while): Sir, we only have bottled water.
Pete: No, I only want warm water.
Waitress showed pissed-off face and scribbled something, then walked away.

I just don’t understand why they can’t serve warm water. They have a kitchen right? And I don’t believe they don’t have warm water in the kitchen.

After waiting for about 20 minutes, our food finally came. Hunger had already turned to boredom. Not good.

Three men walked in, dressed in coats and ties. One of them started giving orders to the people working behind the counter. It became apparent that he was the manager of the outlet. The other 2 men sat at the table beside us, talking loudly whilst checking the menu and making their orders. Suddenly one of them pointed at my drink (I had iced milo) and said “You have milo ah? Gimme one glass of iced milo!” All this while he was holding the menu in his hands! Is he that incapable of reading off the menu that he has to use my drink as a reference?! To make matters worse, one of the other men at the table started to demand for their food loudly.

Well, their food arrived too, but it was apparent that they only had to wait like 5 minutes. Why? Because they were guests of the manager? Because they spoke loudly and demanded the food from the waitress each time she walked by? Tsk tsk tsk… hubbs and I would definitely have given them a piece of our minds had their food arrived BEFORE ours.

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2 Responses to An eventful lunch

  1. People need to be reminded that servie is the guest is satisfied. Not quoted some lame idea.

    Get the bottled water, pour it in a cup and microwave if you have to. Then make the guest happy.

    And loud obnoxious people at a restaurant should have their mouths duct taped shut.

    The Giddy Tiger says: Ditto on both of the above. 🙂

  2. michelle says:

    Remember what I said, not to complain too much before the food is served. You really donno what the piss of waiter will do to your food.

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