Teen Parenting

Being a parent has changed my outlook in life, and parenthood has certainly opened my eyes to many new things.  Things which I had brushed aside previously all seem daunting and sometimes a little scary now.  Although my son is only a little past one, I would and could always benefit from any information obtained about parenting.  And when he becomes a teenager, I know I could never have too much information.  I know… I’ve been a teenager myself before!

In my opinion, the teenage years are the most defining period in one’s life.  The transition from being a mere child into adolescence and then on to becoming an adult can be trying and of course, many parents worry about the wellbeing of their kids.  Teenagers experience many issues ranging from adolescent depression, peer pressure, teen drug abuse, sex and violence.  As parents, we would want to be there for them when they go thorough these problems and offer them a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on.  At Parenting Teens, parents can obtain advice and share parenting stories and best practices about how they raised their teens.  All parents will definitely find comfort when they discover that they are not alone in this challenging task.  On top of that, parents can also check out tips for raising teenagers, participate in parenting forums and even engage themselves in the parent support group.  The important message Parenting Teens is conveying to all parents is that: “You Are Not Alone”.

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2 Responses to Teen Parenting

  1. Charlene says:

    I can remember feeling much the same way when our oldest was one. My sister is in a totally different situation now, and doesn’t know what do to help her troubled teen. She has been researching schools for troubled teens on eprogramsearch.com for a while now, but I just gave the site you recommended a call. They were really nice and had some good advice, I’m going to recommend them to her as well, because I think they could really help!

    The Giddy Tiger says: Hi Charlene, I’m glad you found this site to be of help and I wish you and your sister the very best. Take care now.

  2. Things were not going right when my child was in trouble. These kind of posts really helped me to undestand things. My child is no more a struggling teen. I took help from programs for troubled teens. These programs help kids, boys and girls to improve confidence and social respect. Teens in programs develop new skills and make good friends.

    The Giddy Tiger says: You’re right. Friends help a lot.

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