I am a Lily, oh yes I am!

I did this test out of boredom and was pleasantly surprised to discover that if I were a flower, I would be my favorite flower. How’s that for kickstarting a dreary day?

You Are A Lily

You are a nurturer and all around natural therapist.People see you as their rock. And they are able to depend on you.You are a soothing influence. You can make people feel better with a few words.Your caring has more of an impact than even you realize.

What Flower Are You?

And after I did it, I was still bored, so I chose another test to kill time:

You Are Jennifer Aniston

Girl next door with a free spirit.
You’re low key and naturally sexy.
Sweet and approachable, people are attracted to your upbeat attitude.
And even when life doesn’t go your way, you always eventually turn things around.

Are You More Like Jennifer or Angelina?

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10 Responses to I am a Lily, oh yes I am!

  1. LB says:

    Hey, not ass kissing or anything, but my fave flower IS the White Lily!! And I am sure I could prefer Jennifer to Angelina! *grin*

    The Giddy Tiger says: I love the Calla Lily (not the lily in the photo). 🙂

  2. wuching says:

    hello jennifer aniston the lily!

    The Giddy Tiger says: Hello there…. 😀

  3. Pinkelle says:

    Woohoo Jennifer Aniston! Don’t pray pray *ala PCK*! Hehe…

    The Giddy Tiger says: Yep! I love everything Jen Aniston… yay!!!

  4. chinnee says:

    wow….dress to kill your hubby ?

    The Giddy Tiger *winks*

  5. ParisB says:

    I love love Lilies too! I get mine quite cheap from Petaling St. flower wholesalers. Its the only way I can afford them 🙂 And tho Jennifer Aniston is cute that pic is um… not so flattering leh… hehe…

    The Giddy Tiger says: Oooh, another Lily lover… Me too, I don’t really like that picture of her, but it came together with the test results ma.

  6. LB says:

    Alright! The white Calla lily is the most elegant flower ever!

    The Giddy Tiger says: I absolutely agree… *plans to get some soon*

  7. rinnah says:

    I got exactly the same results for both tests!

    The Giddy Tiger says: Wow…we’re more alike than I had thought!

  8. ParisB says:

    Ok super weird. My comment got eaten up! :O I’m not spam! *cries* but I love lilies 🙂

    The Giddy Tiger says: I think the Comment Moderation thingy *thought* you were someone new, because it checks the Name and not the email. You put ParisB this time instead of Paris Beaverbanks…all’s good now, I’ve approved all your comments! Don’t cry, dear…

  9. ParisB says:

    Gosh! GT I hope you don’t think I’m spamming your site or nothing but seriously my earlier comment appeared eaten in my browser! *rubs eyes and makes sign to ward off evil eye*

    The Giddy Tiger says: No worries, I’ve approved all your comments 🙂

  10. may says:

    for a moment there I was wondering, if you’re a Jennifer Aniston, would you also have assets like that so nicely displayed? *grins* *runs away quickly*

    The Giddy Tiger giggles and tries to catch May 🙂

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