The crowd and the crowded


This was the very long queue outside the Coach factory outlet on the Saturday of last weekend’s memorial day sale.

This is what happens when you move around a crowded Coach outlet pushing a stroller and at the same time wearing your baby in a sling:

  • People coming up to you and saying, “Awwww…what a cute baby!” and “Hi sweetie!  Oh, she’s asleep!”, and other things to that effect.
  • Sales personnel approaching you and asking if you need help finding anything.
  • People making way for you despite the first-come-first-grab bargains.

And this is what happens immediately after you pass your sleeping infant to your hubby and walk around the crowded store on your own:

  • Nobody makes any eye contact.  Everyone’s busy checking out bags.
  • No sales personnel asks you if you need anything.  If you want a shopping bag to put your loot in, you gotta ask.  In my case, I asked but there weren’t any available then, so I walked around till I saw a lady about to store those bags away, and I asked her if I could have one.
  • You gotta say “Excuse me” pretty loudly before people move aside for you.

Doesn’t really matter either way, as long as you get yourself a sweet bargain, yes?  Oh yeah, if you were wondering, there was an additional 10% off everything that day. 🙂

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8 Responses to The crowd and the crowded

  1. michelle says:

    Wow guys also getting hangbags? Any pictures of your loot?

  2. rinnah says:

    So… what did you get? Show us the pix of your fantastic steal! Hehe. 😀

  3. Rachel says:

    WAH…COACH sale line up???
    if it was me, also no talking. busy picking up bags…

    so what did u buy?

  4. ablogaway says:

    Hey, I see that you’ve got a coach fever there…. 🙂

  5. FamilyFirst says:

    is it really a good deal? pls pls show us what you bought & how much!

  6. kyh says:

    so bring along your babe whenever you go shopping! 😛

  7. Irene says:

    then u shud bring baby along for these kind of sale… haha!

  8. zmm says:

    Next time don’t pass the baby back to the hubby.

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