A Dream in My Hands


As a chapter in my life closes, a new one opens up.  It’s one that is full of possibilities.  Full of hope and full of promises.  A huge chapter that we had been eagerly anticipating all this while.  A dream that will soon become a reality…

But why am I so afraid?

Afraid to take the first step…to take the plunge.  Fearing the road ahead would be an arduous one.  Unsure of what would happen along the way in spite of the happiness that would await us in the end.  It is a decision that we would not be able to go back on.  No rewinds, no turning back.  Just full speed all the way.

It’s time for some changes…but what?  No one knows yet.  I wish I could gaze into the future, but I can’t.  No one can and no one knows..except God.

We leave this in Your hands, Lord…with the faith that You alone will provide for us all that we need.

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