Spring Has Sprung

Spring is definitely upon us.  Instead of snow, we have intermittent rainy days.  Instead of the cold wind, we have the warm sunshine.  I should be able to strut around in my tank tops and shorts now.

Change is inevitable.  Some people may resist change while others welcome it with open arms, but change is definitely essential to move on.  The change from cold to warm.  The change from boring to bright and interesting.

I was reminded of this when I saw the drab colors of winter transform into the most beautiful canvas of spring.  Colors are making their presence seen everywhere, and I can’t stop admiring them every single day.  I’m sure I won’t be able to see them this way in Malaysia.

This right here is one of my favorite trees.  Look how cheerful the colors are.  It makes me automatically smile when I look at it.

I’m gonna miss all these gorgeous spring colors in less than two months, when we will be making our trip back home to Malaysia.

It’s yet another important change in our lives.  We leave behind a wonderful trail: seven months of experiences in New England, and bring along memories to cherish forever.  It’s scary yet exciting.

But change is always like that, is it not?

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