I’m a Le Creuset Virgin and I Need Advice

So… Le Creuset, eh?  Who knew? 🙂

We scored a 10-pc set of this marvelous French-made enameled cast iron cookware recently, at more than 50% off.  I think it was because it was a discontinued color, but that’s all right…we still think it looks fab. 🙂

I’ve been intrigued with Le Creuset cookware ever since I set my eyes on them…way before I even learnt they were cast iron cookware!  I’d admit I was drawn to them because of their pretty colors…I mean, how can I not be?  It certainly makes cooking more fun and cheers up the kitchen immediately.

But man, are they heavy!

I learnt about cast iron cookware a few months ago, and wanted to try cooking with them.  The thing that was holding me back was the cleaning portion.  So when I discovered that Le Creuset is essentially cast iron cookware, but because it’s enameled, we can clean it like regular cookware, and there’d be no “seasoning” of the cookware needed, I was yearning for them.

So anyway, the Le Creuset manual says that I cannot heat it up DRY.  Does that mean I need to pour my oil in it before heating it up?  That’s what I did yesterday when I made dinner.

I washed my Le Creuset braiser with soap and warm water, then I dried it with a kitchen towel.  Next I poured the olive oil into the braiser and swirled the braiser around to ensure the olive oil coated the entire base of the braiser, after which I turned on the stove on medium heat.  Did I do it right?  Does anyone have any experience with this?

Also, I read that Le Creuset isn’t too good for stir-frying.  It’s more for simmering because it keeps the food hot for longer periods of time.  Is that true?

Well in any case, hubby says the food tasted better…haha.  Not sure if it’s psychological or if it really does. 🙂

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  1. littlelamb says:

    can share the pricing?? Price was holding me back.

    The Giddy Tigress says: We actually got it on clearance sale! Yay! We stumbled on this package by chance and we’re very happy we did. I’ve shared it with you via FB.

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