Ultimate Moist and Fluffy Butter Cake – The Giddy Tigress Way

After experimenting with various recipes and tips, I am pleased to announce that I have finally perfected the recipe for the ultimate moist and fluffy butter cake.  It is now my go-to recipe when I need a quick and easy cake that is guaranteed to satisfy and is loved by all.


Usually I’d bake the butter cake au naturel, i.e. plain yellow, but today I decided to tweak the recipe a little to turn it into a marble cake.  All I did was scoop up about half a cup of batter and mix in about a tablespoon of cocoa powder.  Then I layered the cocoa butter in the middle of the two yellow layers, and used a fork to swirl it around before baking.


This cake is perfect for any occasion: birthdays, weddings and yes, it complements that hot steaming cup of latte or cappucino too!  Best of all, it can be whipped up in a jiffy!

I’m going to share with you now my two secret tips to make this butter cake fluffy and moist:

  • The butter needs to come straight from the refrigerator.  NOT room temperature.  Take it out of that chiller and cut it into cubes.  Rough cubes will do, there’s no need to measure them all to be the same size.
  • Eggs need to be separated and the whites need to be whipped into stiff peaks.  I usually do this before I start mixing the batter, just so I have the egg whites ready to go when I need them.


You will still produce an edible serving of butter cake if you don’t follow the two tips above, but I cannot guarantee the moistness and fluffiness.


Ultimate Butter Cake – The Giddy Tigress Way


  • 250gm butter (straight from fridge, cubed).  Some bars of butter come in 227g.  You can use just one of those.  24g difference doesn’t make much of a difference, as my recipe is quite forgiving.
  • 200gm caster sugar
  • 250gm flour (self-raising) or if you don’t have self-raising flour, use 250gm all-purpose/plain flour + 3 tsp baking powder + 1 tsp salt
  • 4 eggs (separated)
  • 200g UHT/fresh milk
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract


  1. Cream butter and sugar in stand mixer until fluffy.
  2. Add in egg yolks and mix until creamy.
  3. Add milk, vanilla and the flour mixture.  Mix until combined.
  4. Whip egg whites until you get stiff peaks. Fold in the cake mixture until incorporated.
  5. Pour into lined 9″ baking pan and bake at 170ºC or 335ºF for 40 mins or until set.
  6. Share some with me! 😀


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