10 Reasons I Married My Hubby

This tag comes from Immomsdaughter, and she wants to know of 10 reasons I married my other giddy half.  Of course, this tag is also an excuse to know that I still exist, since she claims that I vanished into thin air after tagging her the last time. Heh heh heh….

Why did I marry the man I call my hubby now?

  1. He surprised me with the most romantic proposal a girl could every ask for.  Flowers, a lavish dinner, wine and of course the most beautiful engagement ring I had ever seen.  And when someone goes down on bended knee with all the above factored in, how could I possibly say no? 🙂
  2. He understands me emotionally, gives me enough alone time and is supportive of me in everything I do.
  3. We both share a special private sense of humor.  In fact, very frequently, we find ourselves completing each others’s sentences effortlessly.
  4. He absolutely does blue jeans justice 😉
  5. He is a self-professed perfectionist, and that is the reason he will quote when he is asked why he married me. *perasan*
  6. He gives awesome back rubs!
  7. We are both die-hard Liverpool fans! Go Reds!
  8. He has a terrific eye for detail, and is a fantastic interior designer.
  9. His integrity and honesty just melts my heart.
  10. We both just simply look good together 🙂 … See?

I’m not tagging anyone for this cos I don’t know anyone who hasn’t done this one yet.  But if you wanna have a go at this one, let me know and I’ll hook you up.

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4 Responses to 10 Reasons I Married My Hubby

  1. huisia says:

    bended knee…woo..so romantic

    The Giddy Tiger says: Yes… *blushes*

  2. Walaueh, your hubby did it ala Hollywood style, so lomantik. And you look lovely in the wedding pic

    The Giddy Tiger says: *blushes* Thank you 😀

  3. You do look good together. My missus says when the husband and wife looks very similar then it makes for a good marriage. I dunno if that is a Chinese thought or just Hong Kong.

    I think number 9 is the most important reason. Will take you so far in your life. Makes for no worries and that is great.

    Reds? Liverpool? What about Cincinnati? (Just kidding. Just the name of an American baseball team too.)

    The Giddy Tiger says: I think it’s a Chinese belief. I also heard that when 2 people see so much of one another (i.e. married couple or dating for aeons), they tend to look alike. True?
    Yes, I agree with you on No. 9, without which nothing is relevant anymore. Go Reds! 😛

  4. zara's mama says:

    Wow wow wow.. so so loh-man-tic!
    I still owe 2 ppl this tag.. I just find it so hard to find 10reason. *gulp*

    The Giddy Tiger says: 10 reasons so hard meh? PSstt….don’t let your hubby see this…:P

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