My Personal “Layer Cake”

The layer tag which has been going around for goodness-knows-how-long has finally landed on my lap.  I got double-tagged today by Lovely Mummy and Hui Sia.  I did a similar tag a few days back for Ethan, so now it’s Mommy’s turn.

Layer One: On The Outside
Name : Giddy Tiger
Birth Date : October 21st
Current status : Marital Status: Married; Regular Status: Bored with work and looking forward to a no-work weekend.
Eye Colour : Dark brown
Hair Colour : Dark brown
Righty or Lefty : Righty

Layer Two : On The Inside
Your Heritage : Malaysian Chinese
Your Fears : Lizards and dirty toilets
Your Weakness : Getting addicted to TV series, like Heroes, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, etc.
Your Perfect Pizza : Super Supreme Pizza from Pizza Hut (Beef, mushrooms, capsicum, pepperoni, the works).  Had loads of it during my 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

Layer Three : Yesterday, Today , Tomorrow
Your Thoughts First thing when I wake up : Is it a working day today?
Your Bedtime : About midnight.
Your Most Missed Memory : (can’t believe I am saying this) Schooldays in the Convent

Layer Four : Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke : Diet Coke
McDonald’s or Burger King : Burger King’s Whopper!
Single or Group Dates : I love raisins – and raisins are dried dates, no?
Tea or Nestea : Long Island Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla : Both, oh yeah, and strawberry too…
Cappucino or Coffee : Not my mojo.  But if I do, then it’s got to be a latte.

Layer Five : Do You..
Smoke : Nope.
Curse: Nope, and can’t stand (especially) women who do.
Take a shower : Duh… of course la!
Have a crush : Orange crush please!
Think you’ve been in love: Think?  I know I am in love with my hubby!
Go to school : Tried that before, didn’t like it till I started working.  Talk about “greener grass on the other side”.
Want to get married : Eh? I’m already married.
Believe in yourself : Certainly!
Think you’re a health freak : Not a freak per se, but I do try to be a healthy person, of course with the occasional sin of fries and chocolates.

Layer Six : In The Past Month
Drank alcohol : Nope, I can’t yet, cuz I am breastfeeding.
Gone to the mall : At least once a week.
Been on stage : Several times: dancing, singing.  Most recent incident was because I won a shopping voucher (Hey I’ve yet to use it la!)
Eaten sushi : Yes, had sashimi last Friday 🙂
Dyed your hair : Not in the past month, nope.

Layer Seven : Have You Ever..
Played A Stripping Game : I know how to pole dance :p
Changed Who You Were To Fit In : Not always.

Layer Eight : Age
You’re Hoping To Be Married : I already am.

Layer Nine : In a Girl/Guy
Best Eye Colour : Dark brown
Best Hair Colour : Dark brown
Short Hair or Long Hair : Short hair, no hair on chest please!

Layer Ten : What Were You Doing
1 Min Ago : Writing this post
1 Hour Ago : Reading my emails
1 Month Ago : Working like a dog 🙁
1 Year Ago: Working like a dog – double 🙁

Layer Eleven : Finish The Sentence
I Love : spending quality time with Pete and Ethan
I Feel : depressed I can’t do that as often as I would love to.
I Hate : working
I Hide : stuff…err… if I hide them, why should I tell? 😛
I Need : more than 24 hours a day (on weekends and holidays only)

Layer Twelve : Tag five people..
Paris Beaverbanks
Hijack Queen
Chooi Peng

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5 Responses to My Personal “Layer Cake”

  1. huisia says:

    haha…i also tag you this one..

    The Giddy Tiger says: Really? Let me check then I amend on my post ok?

  2. Hijackqueen says:

    Can I just bake you a layer cake? Kuih lapis very nice leh.

    The Giddy Tiger says: Eh, can-can. So how? You courier to me?

  3. Angeleyes says:

    alamak! Again???? Thought I’m free of tags lioa… 😛

    The Giddy Tiger says: You will never be free … since you’re already a BLOGGER! MuahahahaHAHAHA!!!

  4. I am so happy there will be a new Heroes tonight. One of those Pizza Hut pizzas would go super with my viewing.

    Pole dance? What convent school was that? keke Hey wait a minute. Can I send my wife over for a lesson?

    This is fun post. Enjoyed your answers. 🙂

    The Giddy Tiger says: Heroes, heroes!! I want!!!

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