Aargh!! I Can’t Believe I Still Have Zits!!

How could it have happened?  I thought zits were only for adolescents and teenagers going through puberty.  That being said, I was blessed not to have suffered from zits when I was a teenager, save for that occasional one or two.

But at my (slightly matured) age now, I’m horrified to discover that zit after zit has erupted on my chin and lower jaw area.  It didn’t help that I had noticed some clogged pores and blackheads setting up camp there too.  Several years ago, I had suffered from severe clogged pores on my lower jaw area, something which I had root-caused that it was a result of cradling the phone receiver too much during those days when I had conference calls for hours.  I blame it on my then-employer for being too stingy to provide a headset for my use.

Those clogged pores vanished as soon as I started a regular facial regime and also my then-new-employer provided me with a headset.  Problem solved.

But now that I am a SAHM, with no conference calls to attend and no cradling of phone receivers to blame, I am absolutely dumbfounded to discover that my lower jaw and lower cheeks have been attacked by zits and clogged pores.  To make matters worse, my itchy fingers, who could not tolerate the clogged pores, decided to take matters into their own hands…quite literally.

I ended up with angry red spots all over my lower half of my face, and only myself to blame.

It could be hormonal, stress…whatever…but I knew I had to get rid of those unsightly spots.

I tried using Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate and Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair, but the red spots remained (although the rest of my skin was a smooth as ever).  Tea tree oil had never worked for me, so I did not venture there.


But then I remembered I had a little bottle of Forsythia Detox sitting on my dresser.  It was part of a free gift pack when I purchased some aromatherapy from Bel ‘Air some years ago.  Forsythia Detox is a Chinese herbal essential oil, which is used specifically to treat acne, pimples and clogged pores, because it works to reduce inflammation, combats bacteria and detoxifies.  I used it like a serum at night before bed, dotting the oil directly on my problem spots.

The next morning, I was surprised to see that the red marks had become light brown spots, which meant they had more or less dried up!  Amazing!

But my happiness is now shortlived because my little miracle potion bottle is finishing.  I’m down to my last few drops and the problem is I don’t know how to repurchase.  The Bel’ Air outlet that I know of has closed down and Forsythia Detox is not a commonplace essential oil you can find in the stores.  How now?


Do you have the occasional zit and how do you combat it, apart from drinking gallons of water and getting enough sleep?

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2 Responses to Aargh!! I Can’t Believe I Still Have Zits!!

  1. At 25, I still get the occasional zit too, though I know mine are hormonal (Or caused by using the wrong product), but I completely understand why you’re so frustrated about them! 🙁

    For me, I treat my zits to a dab of Differin gel-cream at night (Only to be used at night anyway) before bed. I got it after asking my pharmacist for recommendation when other methods/creams (Tea tree, zit creams) did not work 🙂 It does work pretty well to me so far (Touch wood!) so maybe you could try it?

    The Giddy Tigress says: Thanks for the rec Stephanie. Will KIV that.

  2. zoe says:

    I think i remember you use Dermologica products, normally i will apply gentle soothing booster on the pimples and it will dry up the next day. It works all the time for me. Perhaps you can try…Hope this helps.

    The Giddy Tigress says: Thanks for your suggestion. I used the booster before but not for treating pimples though.

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