A Moisturizing SPA for My Hands

Being a SAHM means I would be using my hands most of my waking time.  If it’s not for cooking or cleaning, there’s bound to be one kid asking for a snack or wanting some help in the bathroom.  So applying hand cream on my hands during the day is akin to washing the cream down the drain, because I need to constantly wash my hands.

It’s a shame really, because I do know all about how important it is to protect the skin on our hands as well as on our faces.  Signs of aging appear more visibly on hands rather than on the face!  So I recently started on a hand care regime during the night, and I wish I had done so sooner!

I do apply hand cream on my hands at night, and with my history of hand eczema, the skin on my hands are on the thin side and are rather dry.  However, I find that in the morning, the hands would not feel as moisturized as I would have liked them to be.

Enter these SPA Moisture Gloves I just bought from iHerb!  I stumbled on these by chance actually.  I was looking for a pair of powder-free, latex-free gloves and my search led me to these gloves from Ecotools instead.

Ecotools is a company that makes and sells earth-friendly products, ranging from makeup brushes, bath tools and now apparently moisturizing gloves too!

Reviews were relatively good, but most of them stated that the gloves were rather smallish and tended to slip off during the night.  I actually expected them to be plain beige or white gloves, so it was a pleasant surprise when I opened the packaging and discovered the gloves had greenish patterns on them.  All in line with their “green” motto I suppose.

These Ecotools SPA Moisture Gloves are made of rayon from bamboo and thus are extremely lightweight and cooling.  They are excellent for the hot as well as cool weather.

Well, when I first used them, I’d admit they did slip off at night.  Once, I awoke to find that I had only one glove on and had to hunt for the other in between my sheets!  However, I found that to keep them on, I just had to slather on my hand creams THICKLY.  And I mean like REALLY THICKLY…which means since I keep my gloves in the drawer on my nightstand, I had to remember to take them out first, slather the hand cream and then wear the gloves; otherwise, I would not be able to open the drawer with my hands full of cream!

So with my hands thickly covered in hand cream, I find that these gloves do indeed stay on through the night, and yes, even though I do wake up a couple of times to attend to the baby, these gloves stay on pretty much.

I’m pleased to report that I am very satisfied with these gloves from Ecotools.  Although they do run a little small, and fit only up to the tip of my wrists, they do the job well.  They are very thin and are not warm when worn at night.  Yet when I remove them in the morning, my hands feel silky soft and with repeated daily use, I hope that my hands will be restored to their supple glory, or something to that effect.

I wash these gloves in the washer with my other clothes, on gentle cycle, but I don’t use the dryer to dry them.  Instead, they are dried flat.

I discovered that Ecotools also makes Moisture Socks, for a similar purpose for the feet.  I just might order that too, soon! 😀

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What I liked:

  • Thin and comfortable
  • Great to protect hands from drying out.
  • Reasonably priced at under $4 per pair.

What could be improved:

  • Runs slightly small, and only comes in One Size, so those with larger hands won’t be able to use them.  Having them available in sizes would help, or extending the wrist portion of the gloves to cover the entire wrist.


With a price tag of under $4 per pair, these gloves are really a staple in anyone’s wardrobe.  Do you use gloves when you sleep?  Would you consider using them?

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