That Cake I Made

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Facebook would have known that I’d recently made a birthday cake for my son.

For me, the hardest part of making a novelty cake is not in the baking nor the decorations, although a lot of detail and sacrificed sleep needs to be factored in during the process.  For me, probably the hardest part of making a cake is when I have to throw away the masterpiece I created. 🙁

Most people don’t like to eat fondant, because of its sticky sweet texture, so it’s basically just to make the cake look pretty.

So I think I’m gonna toss the Lightning McQueen cake I made today (before it turns stale), because it was just the bottom part that was eaten by most people, anyway.  It was a little sad, but hey, life goes on.  And I would do it all over again just to see that happy glow on my kid’s face when he saw his birthday cake.


When Ethan asked for a Lightning McQueen birthday cake many months ago, I googled for ideas and the first link that I checked out was the one I relied on to make this cake.  If you want to reproduce this cake in any way, I highly recommend this article, with excellent pictures to match.

The cake from the link was made with reference to Lightning McQueen from Cars 1, hence the Rusteze logo on the hood of the car, but I opted for the Cars 2 Lightning McQueen, with Piston Cup on the hood.  It was a good thing I had a die-cast Lightning McQueen car to refer to.

This is how it started…


At this point, the kids were asking me why Lightning McQueen wasn’t red yet.

…boy was someone glad when he saw the car taking shape…


I discovered a little too late, however, that I had carved Lightning a little too short, and the rear was not as aerodynamic as I had planned.  But it looked okay anyway.

I made the spoiler from fondant and propped it up at an angle with cut satay sticks.  The words “World Grand Prix” was iced on with Royal Icing.  Could be neater, but given the fact that I did it past midnight…it will have to do… 😛


The entire cake is edible, except for the satay sticks used to hold up the spoiler and the mini cake board the car was sitting on.  And I had a lot of fun creating this cake.  My son will only turn 6 once in his life after all… 🙂


Let’s just hope he doesn’t ask for a Transformers cake next year! LOL

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9 Responses to That Cake I Made

  1. ablogaway says:

    Very nice cake! Great job Joyce!

    The Giddy Tigress says: Thank you Irene!

  2. Bart says:

    Foah! Impressive!

  3. Bart says:

    Foah! Impressive!

    The Giddy Tigress says: Hehe…thank you! I take it from the double comments you made that you were twice as bowled over? 😛

  4. milktea says:

    Great cake! What a mom! 🙂
    btw why didn’t you get one from a bakery like most ppl do?

    The Giddy Tigress says: Thank you! Well, because making a birthday cake for your little one is definitely one of the most rewarding things a Mommy can do.

  5. littlelamb says:

    The cake looks fabulous to me. To Ethan, its the best cake ever.
    A Very Happy and Blessed Birthday To Ethan.

    Also, congrats to Ethan too for being winner of the month for the CARS Magazine. I saw his pict 🙂

    The Giddy Tigress says: Thank you very much! And yes, we saw his picture too – he’s over the moon!

  6. SuperMom says:

    Good job, Mom!!! It’s a really beautiful birthday cake 😀

    The Giddy Tigress says: Thank you, my dear!

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  8. leona says:

    Wow I am speechless.
    So will Hannah request for a Barbie cake next??? 🙂

    The Giddy Tigress says: Nah. She’s not into the Barbie craze (yet). She requested for a cake, but it’s not Barbie. Actually on hindsight, perhaps Barbie would have been more straightforward 😛

  9. sharine says:

    Amazing! Great achievement for a mom… I will be super happy to have a mommy like you!!! Hehe…

    The Giddy Tigress says: Haha…thank you Sharine! That is a super compliment indeed!

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