A Brand New Start

Our return to Penang is akin to starting out all anew.

Yes, we are returning to our condo, and yes, after all those months away, we have a LOT of cleaning and decluttering to be done.  In fact, we dived straight into it when we touched down at the airport that evening.  We took two cabs home (because we had THAT much luggage) and started cleaning our home!  Thankfully Emma fell fast asleep for a few hours so we could do the deed.

But anyway, yes…as I was mentioning, there is a lot of cleaning, clearing away stuff and decluttering to be done here.  It is actually an ongoing process and one that I am trying my best to manage, what with three kids in tow now.

However…we are more than excited that we will be embarking on our next project really really soon.  Well, it’s actually a “project” that we’ve already started on last year, but it has been dormant up till now.

*takes deep breath*

We will be moving away to another house really soon!  Having three kids around has really proven that our condo has constraints in terms of space, so we’ve decided that we will be moving away, albeit with heavy hearts, because we do love our condo here.

Anyway, last week saw us having our electricity and water supply activated in our new place.  Last we checked, the electricity is already in place and we will be checking on the water supply this weekend.

You can see a bit of my reflection in this picture … hehe… The electricity meter shows 21 but it was zero when we’d arrived that day.  We tested the air-conditioning, you see. 🙂

Our housing developer had already provided us with kitchen cabinets, flooring and air-conditioning for the whole house, so when renovation commences, it will be hopefully just a few minor additions here and there.

It’s an exciting time for us as you can see, and we are looking forward to it.

I, for one, am looking forward to these things:

  • A spacious kitchen with LOTS of storage space!
  • Setting up and decorating the kids’ playroom!
  • A walk-in closet (which I am still in discussion with my *boss* to have more space in)
  • …stuff to be added to this list as time goes on…
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