You must remember this…

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Things people should always remember NEVER to do/say to babies and toddlers:

  1. Touch or stroke their cheeks, hair, arms, …basically DO NOT touch them at all!  Who knows where the stranger’s hand has been prior to touching the baby or toddler?
  2. Offer their thumb, index finger, middle finger, turtle or whatever for the baby to hold on to.  Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT entertaining at all to see baby hold on to a stranger’s finger or any other item (see no. 1).
  3. Keep on touching a toddler’s hair or cheek when the toddler loudly protests and says “No!” Which part of “No” don’t you understand anyway?!
  4. Ask “Boy or Girl ah?” when clearly the baby is dressed in pink wih flowers.  Who would dress a boy in flowers anyway?  I tried dressing her up in a dress and also got the same response.  Please.  Observe and think before you speak.

*stepping off soapbox now*

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  1. Adino says:

    I agree with all points above. Sometimes I get creeped out, but don’t know how to tell others to stop touching my baby. And so many people have asked if Rachel was a boy (probably because she had very little hair)

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