I’m a Green Finger Wannabe


Sometime during the middle of last year, I decided to give gardening another go.  I can almost hear my hubby chuckling away in the background because the truth is, I never had success growing stuff.  The prospect did not look too good, judging from my track record; even cacti have not survived under my care.

But tried I did, and I’m pleased to say that thus far, I have managed to successfully grow a few things, some even edible!  Earlier on, I was really looking forward to harvesting some Japanese cucumbers, but alas, the aphids got to them, and my two beautiful plants died and untimely death.  I persevered with my other plants, and I’m proud that I have managed to grow some carrots (mini ones, though but still carrots), spring onions (which I use on an almost weekly basis for cooking), ginger (still growing and I can see the leaves and shoots now) and lately, okra, which I started harvesting a few days ago.


My little pot of Genovese basil is also beginning to flourish, just when I thought they were gone for good.  Hopefully I will be able to harvest enough soon to make a batch of pesto :).


And I also have 2 pots of screwpine leaves (Daun pandan), for the occasional instances when I need to use them.


I have also planted some organic roselle, which I am slowly harvesting the calyxes and storing them in a jar so I can make the roselle drink soon, and I’ve also some pretty flowers in my garden to keep me happy.


So all in all, not too bad a result considering I hold the reputation of being a “plant murderer”.  Haha…

I’m going to start planting some turnips and cotton soon too, as soon as the immensely hot weather stops.

Sometimes I get pleasant surprises too, like just this week.  I had a planter that I had tilled the soil and was getting ready to plant other stuff.  But today, I noticed a fresh green shoot growing in it.  Initially I had sowed some lettuce seeds or kailan seeds in the planter (can’t remember), and they didn’t grow, so I figured they had died off.  But could this be either a lettuce or kailan shoot?  Only time will tell…


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