Right Now, I Am…


…still thinking about the Chicken Perfection Pizza from Domino’s we had for dinner.  It was a takeout night tonight because the *chef* had to rest her hands due to eczema.  The pizza was a special one made from chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and a special Pesto Passion sauce.  Cost to feed the four of us was RM28.50 for the pizza and included cinnastix and onion rings.  Pizza tasted like aglio olio…and everyone loved it.  Maybe it was really delicious, or maybe it was because we hadn’t ordered takeout in the longest time.

wondering what time I will be able to call it a night tonight.

anxious to find out when my eczema would completely be cured.

thinking about what to cook tomorrow…or if I should rest for one more day.

…always hoping I had more than 24 hours in a day.

afraid yet excited of the impending changes to come…

dreaming of our not-too-distant future…

pondering on whether I ought to change my blog’s theme.  It might take a few hours to get things right, though.  I wonder if I have the time to spare.

excited about the upcoming school holidays…oh wait, that’s not till December… haha…

…mentally reminding myself to get the kids’ shampoo and body lotion the next time we go grocery shopping.

happy that I’ve grown my hydrangeas well enough to transplant part of the plant into another pot.

worried if I’ve done it properly and if it will grow well.

thankful that I have two beautiful faces to look at day in and day out (oh, three, if I count my husband LOL).  And although these faces sometimes get into naughty and cheeky antics, I love them to bits.

grateful that I am showered with hugs and kisses every day.

hoping that I will do as great a job as I possibly can as a mother.

having fun with this post and wondering if anyone wants to follow suit..but

really tired now and so…

calling it a night..

(I got this superb “Right Now, I Am…” post idea from The Frugal Girl, who, in turn got the idea from Soule Mama)

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