The Day I Burned 600+ Calories


A friend of mine invited me to one of the gyms here in Penang as her guest today.  The main intention was to check out (or in my personal case, reconnect with) one of my loves of all times, Body Pump: an awesome strength training workout which I had abandoned more than 6 years ago.

I had prepped my kids to wake up early and I dropped them off at school at around 8:30a.m., after navigating for 25 minutes through the Friday morning jam.

My friend and I reached the gym about 10 minutes to 9:00a.m. but alas, the Body Pump instructor called in sick that day. 🙁

In the end, we ended up just doing the RPM class (a spinning class) – and that was how I burned 600+ calories.

Felt really good.  Is this the start of many more sessions to come?

I’m supposed to go for the Pump class this coming Friday though…and I can’t wait. 🙂

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