I’m Finally getting a Skin Allergy Patch Test done…

So what IS a Skin Allergy Patch Test?  Basically, it’s a test that determines a person’s level of allergic reaction to certain substances, especially useful to detect allergic reactions in people with eczema or contact dermatitis.  I have been advised by my skin doctor to take the skin allergy patch test for a long time, and she advised that I only do it when my hand eczema is *under control*.

My eczema condition has been yoyoing over the past few months, and just these past weeks, it feels rather controlled, so I figured I would do it this week.

The catch?  The test needs to be done over a period of 5 days; and I would need to see the doctor on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Apart from the 30 different allergens/substances that the doctor will test me on, she encouraged me to bring in my own lotions/detergents/stuff that I wanted to test on.

And since I only planned on doing this test just ONCE, I went crazy and brought almost everything I could think of.

Household detergents and cleansers, including a pair of rubber gloves:


Skincare products, sunblock, oils etc:


So on the first day (today), I passed all the stuff I brought in to the nurses and waited while they prepared the patch test for me.  It was a long wait, of almost an hour and a half, but application of the stickers to my back was just a mere 1-2 minutes.

One little round sticker patch will be stuck to my back for each substance I was to be tested on.  The doctor had 30, and I brought 20, so I had 50 little round stickers on my back.  They were sticker sheets of 10 round patches on each sheet, numbered accordingly with reference to the substance being tested on.


Not a very pretty sight, actually.  And yes, it is uncomfortable.

Another bummer from having this test done is that I am NOT supposed to get my back wet.  No water, no showering and hence….no sweat.  Which meant…..(sob sob) no gym for 5 whole days!  And since the test completes this Friday, and I don’t go to the gym on weekends, that would mean 1 WHOLE WEEK of no exercising! 🙁 🙁 🙁

As you can see, I am not in a very good mood now, and on top of that, the stickers are making my back itch, and it has only been what…. 12 hours??!  How on earth am I going to get through the next 48 hours?

On Wednesday, the stickers will be removed, but I am still supposed to keep the area dry.


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3 Responses to I’m Finally getting a Skin Allergy Patch Test done…

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  2. Kit says:

    How on earth can you keep from sweating? Sounds terrible esp for 5 days!

    The Giddy Tigress says: Cannot prevent, but I don’t sweat that much unless I work out in the gym…so that eliminates it. The part that is the most difficult is not showering the back. Gosh, can’t wait for tomorrow…

  3. Jiaying says:

    Where do you took the test? and how much it cost?
    B’cos I having allergy problem too, consider have a pitch test

    The Giddy Tigress says: I took the test at my skin doctor’s. You can probably check with your doctor on whether he/she has the test available. The test is only for contact allergy though, not for food intake allergy. I think the test for food intake allergy is a different one.

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