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Today is Friday the 13th and surprise, surprise, as a slight twist to the regular tag, my boy Ethan got tagged by My Baby Bay.  Yup, this meme will be all about Ethan (and not about me) for a change, so I’ll do it on behalf of him 🙂

On the Outside
Name: Ethan
Date of birth: January 31 2006
Current status: Single
Eye colour: Dark Brown
Hair colour: Currently light brown
Righty or lefty: Not sure yet, but I am exhibiting signs of being a lefty.  Mommy and Daddy are SO confused! 😛

On the Inside
Heritage: Chinese
Fear: Of being left alone without Mommy and Daddy
Weakness: I’m a very strong boy, no weakness that I can think of  😉
Your perfect pizza: I’ve only tasted the crust of the pizza, and most of it ended up on the floor!

Yesterday, today & tomorrow
Your thoughts upon first waking up: Nen-nen-nen-nen-nen, Mommeeeeee!!!!! 
Your bedtime: 9:30-10:00p.m. but I’m trying my best to stay up later nowadays, much to the frustration of Mommy and Daddy.  Hehehe…
Your most missed memory: Huh??? Duhhh… 

Your pick
Pepsi or Coke: I’m only allowed milk, water and sugar-free fruit juices.
McDees or Burger King : Neither yet…but I ADORE bread.  Any kind of bread..oh yes, and char siew pau too!
Single or Group Dates : Huh?  What dates?  Is it like raisins?  I had some wholemeal raisin buns yesterday for breakfast.
Adidas or Nike : Adidas.  I used to have a pair of red Adidas, but I can’t wear them anymore. 


Lipton Tea or Nestea : No tea for me.
Chocolate or Vanilla : Haven’t tried yet.
Cappucino or Coffee : Can’t drink coffee yet, only Mommy’s milk for me.

Do you…
Smoke: Of course NOT!
Curse: Nope.

In the past month
Drank alcohol : Nope
Gone to the mall : *giggles with joy* Daddy and Mommy takes me to the mall almost every weekend.  I love the escalators there 🙂
Been on stage : Nah…
Eaten sushi : I had chawan mushi last friday at Soba Yoshi (yumyum).  I’m not allowed the raw stuff YET, although I see Daddy and Mommy thoroughly enjoying themselves with it. 
Dyed your hair : NO

Have you ever…
Played a stripping game: NO, but I get into my birthday suit before my bath 🙂
Changed who you were to fit in: Never had to change.

Age you’re hoping to be married : Huh?  What’s getting married?

In a guy/girl
Best eye colour: In a guy, like Daddy’s; in a girl, like Mommy’s
Hair colour: In a guy, like Daddy’s; in a girl, like Mommy’s
Short or long hair: Either one will do, short hair like Daddy’s, long hair like Mommy’s

What were you doing?
1 minute ago: Throwing my toy blocks all around the house.
1 hour ago: Having breakfast: Mommy was breastfeeding me.
4 1/2 hours ago: I was sleeping.
1 month ago: Pretty much what I am doing today, except my walking speed last month was a little bit slower.
1 year ago: I was only 2 months old then, I’m guessing I was crying a lot?

Finish the sentence
I love: sleeping and drinking milk and eating bread and char siew pau.
I feel: so loved by Daddy and Mommy
I hate: nothing
I hide: nothing
I miss: my Daddy and Mommy while they are at work.
I need: Hey…Daddy and Mommy give me tons of lurve, that’s all I ever need! 😀

There, I’m done.  It was really fun putting myself in Ethan’s shoes for a change.  I am now going to tag:

Have fun doing this guys!

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4 Responses to All About Ethan

  1. michelle says:

    Why is your son chewing the shoe lace? Cute shoes.

    The Giddy Tiger says: Maybe he thinks it is spaghetti or beehoon? His Daddy has one just like those.

  2. huisia says:

    shoe lace = spaghetti ??
    didn’t you ask him yummy or not? LOL!

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