Best Things from 2012

As we near the end of the year 2012, I realize I have a lot to be thankful for.  The year 2012 has been a fantastic year, and although I did not blog as often as I had hoped I would, I am grateful for all you readers who keep coming back for more.  I have also made many new friends through blogging and that is always a PLUS for me.

I’ve not done a year-end reflective post for a while now, so I figured why not now?  I enjoyed reading so many reflective posts from my favorite bloggers, and I hope that this will also put a smile on your face, as it did mine.  So I present to you now my simple walkthrough of my Best Things from 2012.  Feel free to share what your Best Things from this year has been too…I’d love to read all about it!

Best Healthy Thing I Did

Something I will never regret doing was that I got started on a regular exercising regime in the gym sometime in March this year.

It had been …what?…almost 7 years since I last hit the gym and it felt really good to feel strong and healthy again.  Gaining that muscle tone and strength was really awesome, and it also made my first few months of pregnancy much better.

Best Blessing of The Year

God gave us our best blessing of the year when we found out we were expecting baby no.3!

With two perfect little miracles to adore and love, we now have another chance to shower our love on a third miracle, due early next year.  It will definitely be one of our highlights of next year, and I honestly can’t wait.

Best Memorable Surprise

Our relocation to Stateside this year was definitely an unplanned one, and one that took me completely by surprise.

I welcomed the move with open arms, and despite the many obstacles that stood in our way, I am proud that we made it thus far.  God certainly has a plan for us and we’re putting everything in His hands now.

It’s an exciting adventure for us all, and every day we experience new things here; even though it’s only for several months, I can count on this as something that will change our lives forever.

Best Frugal Discovery

The Oil Cleansing Method (OCM), which I now use frequently to cleanse my face, is not only a frugal discovery, it’s one that is convenient for travel too.

When I travel, all I need is that small little jar of cleansing oil and a washcloth and I’m good to go.  When I want that extra pick-me-up for my skin, I can always rely on the OCM.

Best Baking Achievement

That would have to be the 2 birthday cakes I made for Ethan and Hannah.  Besides taking up a lot of planning and time, they involved sacrificing sleep and also sometimes some innovation and creativeness.

The amount of time and effort put in was certainly worth it, of course, when I saw their faces light up in joy and happiness.

Best Favor I Did for My Skin

This year I made an important decision to have a skin allergy patch test done.

It was a good 5 days of torture (itchiness and not able to shower my back properly), but now the important thing is that I know for sure what I am allergic to, and I avoid those ingredients at all costs.  It was a small price to pay for the information I needed to keep my skin healthy.

Best Completed Project

After procrastinating for so many months, I finally completed Hannah’s photobook.

If anything, going through all those photos was a wonderful memorable experience all in itself.  I’ll have to do the same for my third baby soon, I know.

Best Deal I Made

It was a bittersweet experience but I know I did the right thing by selling off my car of  seven years right before we left for Massachusetts.

The process was a quick one, but it had its ups and downs too, because we did not have time on our side most of the time.  I’m just glad it’s over now, and hopefully, we’ll be able to afford a larger car to accommodate three kids when we get back.

Best Kitchen Buy of the Year

Oh I have three kitchen buys that stood out this year, and all of which were purchased just recently.

First up, we got ourselves a new set of kitchen knives from Ginsu – The Chikara Series.  The knives are super sharp and includes a Santoku knife, which is to be used as a cleaver, with the only difference being its weight; the Santoku is so much lighter.  This awesome knife set also includes an excellent chef’s knife, among others.

Also, we got ourselves a HUGE bamboo cutting board, and using it has been a breeze.  You know how sometimes you feel like the stuff you’re cutting keeps falling off the edges of the cutting board?  Not a problem with our bamboo cutting board here!  I also bought a bottle of food-grade mineral oil to keep the bamboo in tip-top condition.

…oh, and what about the other kitchen buy I told you about?  Well technically, it hasn’t arrived yet, because I only placed the order yesterday evening, but here’s a sneak preview…

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It was definitely a memorable 2012, and I’m looking forward to another exciting year ahead in 2013.  I can foresee many challenges for us as a family, and also for me personally.  There will be changes we will have to adapt to, and depending how we deal with it, it might make the coming year move faster than the blink of an eye.

Well, here’s wishing all of you a fantastic New Year 2013, take care and I’ll see all of you soon! 🙂

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